About Brick Limewashing

Limewashing finish for brick

Limewashing is a beautiful old world finish for brick, stone and other masonry surfaces. It offers a solution for beautifying masonry without the damage caused by acrylic-latex paints applied over masonry. Depending on application Lime Wash is a one or two coat solution.

Peach Limewash Painting offers three distinct styles of lime wash that can be applied and combined for custom artistic effects.


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A traditional application of lime wash

We apply two coats of lime wash in a solid coating on your brick, stone or other masonry surface. The lime wash acts as a sacrificial coating, protecting the masonry beneath and creating beautiful wear and patina over time. For a more durable finish we start with a coat of Primer and then top coat with two coats of Classico. An opaque lime wash has a lot more depth and character than simply painting your brick and is a beautiful finish for brick and stone.

Whether you’re looking for a change from a dull yellow color, or in search of a crisp and classic white look, changing things up is definitely something worth looking into. If you’re on a budget, there are numerous options that may work well for you.

What Is Limewash and Why Should You Use It?

Simply put, lime wash can be a great way to revitalize the brick walls of your home. If you’ve been thinking about a way to improve your curb appeal and give it a timeless look, our Classico© Limewash paint may be the perfect look for your home. Especially if your home is decades old and the external brick has seen better days, lime washing can revitalize the facade — and it’s also one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate the look of your bricks. read more.

limewash finish

limewash finish

What is Lime Wash?

  • Lime wash dates back to Rome and has been used for centuries to beautify and protect stone, brick, wood and even furniture.Lime wash or “white wash” is the original house paint. A biological product that is created by crushing the limestone to a powder, burning it and adding water to make a lime putty. Once it has been aged and thinned it can be colored with natural pigments creating a depth and weathered patina reminiscent of a Mediterranean old world finish.


  • Limewash is like paint?
    In a sense lime wash is the original paint, nearly 2000 years old, but lime wash is nothing like today’s modern acrylic paints. Lime wash has a matte finish and a depth and beauty that modern paints lack. Instead of adhering to the surface, lime wash embeds within the pores of masonry and calcifies to the substrate. Originally used to protect clay and masonry surfaces, today lime wash is just as often used as a way to beautify buildings.


  • Does Limewash have an odor?
    Lime wash is completely VOC free, contains no solvents, is odorless and emits no toxins unlike today’s acrylic and petroleum based paints.


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    Doing a Quality job at an affordable and fair price.